Ready for the Write-a-Thon! Pages printed, office supplies packed and sandwiches...sandwiched. Daughter even made me a special folder to pack my pages in. She's an egg right out of the nest. (grin) So, tomorrow I'll be becoming a better author. Then it'll be time to send out agent queries. Oh, maybe I should wait to see what place I secure from the Fool for Love contest. What do you think?
7/15/2010 05:30:44 am

7/15/2010 05:33:09 am

Oops! Premature commenting above.

Hey, girl! *cyber-wave* Make sure you put something in the bio section. It doesn't have to be, um, factual. *grin*

Love the Alaska pictures!

7/15/2010 05:39:53 am

Great site. love the pics. They make you feel peaceful.
See you at the Write a thon. I'll be there Sat and Sun


7/15/2010 06:41:59 am

Oh, Thanks Susan. Didn't even realize that was there. I'm so tech savvy. (right) Still learning. Lots of stuff.

Ruth, I'll only be there inn person on Friday, in spirit the rest of the weekend. Happy writing.

PS-Thanks for posting guys!

7/15/2010 06:44:53 am

Gr, Suzan--sorry. Stupid long fingernails.

7/15/2010 01:43:13 pm

Love your website, Raven! Great pics :) Is that the cemetery we 'haunted' on our NWHRWA ghost walk? Looks like we'll miss each other this weekend at Diane's Expert Write-a-thon. Darn! I'll be there Sat & Sun. Leave good vibes for the rest of us, k? Big hugs,

7/15/2010 02:04:30 pm

Lovely website, Raven!!!!! Have a great time at the write-a-thon!!!!

Stacey Purcell
7/16/2010 06:29:18 am

Love your website-and the photos too! Bet you thought I had died and gone to heaven, but I'm actually still here and ready to get back to my own life. I'll be seeing you at the write-a-thon!!

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