Things to live for


No matter how bleak things may seem to you at the time, there is always something to live for. At this time of the holidays, we all come under emotional strain. As someone who's been there, you should know that there is always someone, somewhere who cares about you.  You need to find someone, somewhere to care about.

That said, if you need to, please seek professional help. There are many causes of severe depression. Some are chemical and require medical intervention. There are definite hormonal imbalances that affect our moods. In this day and age, you should not need to suffer alone and in silence. There is someone who understands the pain you're going through.

If you're a parent of someone like this, your anger will only push them further away. Take 5-10 minutes to just listen. Sit with them-listen, listen, listen. Without judgement. We're not always seeking a solution to a problem, but a sounding board. When said aloud--or written in a journal--things don't seem as bleak. Sometimes just writing it down, getting it out, releases the hold on our psyche.

But find sonething, no matter how small, to live for. Children or grandchilren you may have. Another friend in need. A beloved pet in need of care--and your love. We all need to be needed in some way or another. Solace can be found in getting through 'just one more day'.

Know that you are stronger than you think you are.
Love and Light Always-The Raven

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