RWA Nationals is fast approaching. Do you have your pitches ready? I'm practicing on anyone who'll listen and polishing my manuscript. I'm also pushing to finish my WIP so I can say I have two in a series ready to be submitted. I'm learning a lot about time management as I also work during the day. How do you manage all the demands on your time? Drop me a line and let me know your secrets.

Things to live for


No matter how bleak things may seem to you at the time, there is always something to live for. At this time of the holidays, we all come under emotional strain. As someone who's been there, you should know that there is always someone, somewhere who cares about you.  You need to find someone, somewhere to care about.

That said, if you need to, please seek professional help. There are many causes of severe depression. Some are chemical and require medical intervention. There are definite hormonal imbalances that affect our moods. In this day and age, you should not need to suffer alone and in silence. There is someone who understands the pain you're going through.

If you're a parent of someone like this, your anger will only push them further away. Take 5-10 minutes to just listen. Sit with them-listen, listen, listen. Without judgement. We're not always seeking a solution to a problem, but a sounding board. When said aloud--or written in a journal--things don't seem as bleak. Sometimes just writing it down, getting it out, releases the hold on our psyche.

But find sonething, no matter how small, to live for. Children or grandchilren you may have. Another friend in need. A beloved pet in need of care--and your love. We all need to be needed in some way or another. Solace can be found in getting through 'just one more day'.

Know that you are stronger than you think you are.
Love and Light Always-The Raven

Things to live for


Made a live pitch to an agent at the NWHRWA conference and got a request for a partial. OMG, I've never been so nervous or excited. I even got a request from the first agent I pitched to, and I really messed it up. By the third pitch, I was only a little more coherent. But she requested too. Woohoo!

I went home and polished (one more time) before I sent them in. Now I'm just waiting to hear from them. This will probably take 2-3 months, but that's okay. I got a request! So, lots to be thankful for right now. I got a request! Even if it turns out she's not the right fit for me, I made it over another hurdle in the quest to get published. If I don't sign with an agent before Nationals, I can be thankful for the experience at pitching and extra time to do some more polishing.  And maybe work on the WIPs I've started on the sequels. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Lone Star Conference is only a week away. I hope I'm ready for my agent pitches. I've written what I want to say and practiced on friends, now I hope I don't go blank when I'm in front of them. Taking deep breaths. Still trying to get over the dismal contest results right after my win. Hm, it's all subjective anyway. You get a perfect score from one judge, then (get this) I was actually told I should do more 'telling'. Guess I didn't have enough narrative for that judge.

So, anyone with any last minute advice please chime in.
All the Blessings-Raven

Post Title.


Working PRN (as needed) at several Houston area hospitals is actually helping me focus my energies. The long drives are great for 'in your head' writing. With the few minutes I have when I pull in the parking lot I scribble my thoughts and character dialogue before rushing in to work. Then lunch and the ride home. If I get home before hubby, I'll type my words into the computer. If he's lucky I'll start dinner.

I would still one day love to write full time and this is what I'm striving for, but I do have to pay bills. Pitching at the Lone Star conference in a few weeks and I'm working on my pitches. Nerves are on the rise and I tend to go blank. I am trusting the Goddess and my muse to share the right words with me when the time is write. (chuckle) I love author humor.

Share your fave writing times and what you do to keep ideas straight in your head. Sometimes I write down ideas on a bar napkin then I end up throwing it away, or I stick it in a pocket and it goes through the wash. Ack! Aren't you glad I wash? Anyway-- share your pitch stories too. Were you nervous? How did you handle your nerves? Did you write down your pitch and read it to them? Do they mind that? They must know we're nervous, right?

This from the Raven's beak-Blessed Be



After being ecstatic by a win, I'm now devastated by dismal scores on the last contest I entered. Ok, yes, I know it's all subjective, but coming off a win with the same entry? One judge says my dialogue is stilted and not real, another says it's really strong. One judge questioned the definition of every word and couldn't spell worth a D***. (Whose vs. who's, loose vs. lose) Makes me question their level of dedication to literacy. Who to believe? These are the worst scores since the first contest I ever entered-and that entry needed serious help. I wasn't part of an awesome crit group back then and really wanted results as feedback. Anyway, since my DH isn't happy with my 'hobby', maybe I'll just give up on my dream. Not! I guess I just need some time to...become a better writer. Sorry for the bitter post, but this has left me feeling a bit out of sorts. And there are two other contests out there I'm waiting for results on. Ugh. Maybe he's right and I should put it away and go back to my 'career'. If I could only find a full time job...
Sad and Blue-Raven
Recently had DH take me on a weekend getaway. I thought we were going to SA to see his family. We ended up in Austin and he took me to watch the evening bat migration from Congress Street bridge. Then we spent the rest of the night (almost) in Coyote Ugly. The rest of the weekend he devoted to me and I had to make all the decisions. Ack! For a Libra this is almost a form of torture. Anyway, this makeup followed a blowup. Has your DH done nice things for you after an unsupportive 'comment' or two? And what did he do for you?
As an aspiring author, I endeavor to follow the practices of my prolific author friends. However, I'm finding out 'Apply butt to chair and write' is having unwanted consequences. My hips and rear get sore from sitting! Who'd have thought? Oh, and widening of said hips is aother complication. Cushions and pillows now adorn my favorite writing chair, but I'm open to anyone's home remedies. Drop me a line and tell me how you deal with this affliction.

     Wonderful news today. Alleyne from Virginia Romance Writers called and graced me with the news I'd won in the paranormal category of the 2010 Fool for Love contest! I am floating...on cloud nine... I think I was actually crying before she hung up. All my people at RWA-West and Northwest, so many thank yous. If Kerry hadn't encouraged me to join, if Christie hadn't given me so much great advice and encouragement, if my crit partners (Diane, Stacy, Ann and Laurie) hadn't inspired spontaneous bleeding, if Hubby hadn't bought me a copy of Writer's Bootcamp...well, you get the picture. My daughter has made me thinner with so many hugs! Son thinks it's 'Awesome'.  

     I'll be making a few editor suggested changes then sending out queries next week. So now it's time to celebrate. Pizza for dinner-'cause I don't feel like cooking. What type of spiritous liqor goes with pizza? At bedtime-- ice cream! I feel a certain amount of validation that I've spent so much on making this a serious job.

So, with a second wind billowing my sails, I sit down at my computer again and write some more. Goddess, I love this job!

Bright Blessings-Raven