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Working PRN (as needed) at several Houston area hospitals is actually helping me focus my energies. The long drives are great for 'in your head' writing. With the few minutes I have when I pull in the parking lot I scribble my thoughts and character dialogue before rushing in to work. Then lunch and the ride home. If I get home before hubby, I'll type my words into the computer. If he's lucky I'll start dinner.

I would still one day love to write full time and this is what I'm striving for, but I do have to pay bills. Pitching at the Lone Star conference in a few weeks and I'm working on my pitches. Nerves are on the rise and I tend to go blank. I am trusting the Goddess and my muse to share the right words with me when the time is write. (chuckle) I love author humor.

Share your fave writing times and what you do to keep ideas straight in your head. Sometimes I write down ideas on a bar napkin then I end up throwing it away, or I stick it in a pocket and it goes through the wash. Ack! Aren't you glad I wash? Anyway-- share your pitch stories too. Were you nervous? How did you handle your nerves? Did you write down your pitch and read it to them? Do they mind that? They must know we're nervous, right?

This from the Raven's beak-Blessed Be
9/28/2010 12:50:35 pm

Just looking Raven. Cool website. Very artistic. I'll stop by every now and then to say hello. Good luck. You know you have the talent so hang in there.
Love you, Lorna

10/2/2010 03:47:43 pm

Take a deep breath. Or two or three.

Be yourself.

Don't try to hard.

Just remember your looking at a potential business deal, not a date. Well, there are some similarities between an agent-client relationship and marriage, but farting in bed is not recommended.

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