Hello fellow writer peeps. Can't wait to see some of you at Nationals in NY this year. It'll be my first time in attendance and I'm kinda nervous. I have the PRO reatreat to look forward to as well as agent/editor pitches. So who else is going and what do you have planned? Drop me a line.
5/28/2011 02:18:41 pm

Damn, I wish I could be there to cheer you on, girl!

The PRO retreat should be fabulous if it's anything like the ones I've been to. And whatever you do, don't miss Ruth K.'s party if she's there!

6/2/2011 08:24:57 am

Good luck with your pitching! I'm relieved I don't have to do it! But agents and editors are just people and they usually ask for a partial even if you screw up.

National is a great way to get to know other writers and the speakers are amazing. I usually try to catch Nora's Q&A or Secrets of the Bestselling Sisterhood with Susan Elizabeth Phillips & Jayne Ann Krenz just because they're so much fun. Lot of good craft workshops too. You'll have a great time! Hope to see you there!

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