Lone Star Conference is only a week away. I hope I'm ready for my agent pitches. I've written what I want to say and practiced on friends, now I hope I don't go blank when I'm in front of them. Taking deep breaths. Still trying to get over the dismal contest results right after my win. Hm, it's all subjective anyway. You get a perfect score from one judge, then (get this) I was actually told I should do more 'telling'. Guess I didn't have enough narrative for that judge.

So, anyone with any last minute advice please chime in.
All the Blessings-Raven
Diane Taylor
10/9/2010 11:59:12 am

Follow the simple rule of KISS. Keep it Simple Stupid. Try and hook them with the first two sentences, and just make it short and sweet.
While I've never pitched anything in my life.. except softball, I was there at the WHRWA thing for doing the Agent pitch thing. :D

Hope you land a good one.

10/9/2010 01:53:44 pm

Best of luck, Sheila. Be yourself, and like Diane says, keep it simple. Genre, 2 sentence plot line if possible, even a little about your h/h. Make sure you research and know who you're talking to. Who they rep, what they've sold.

I haven't met an agent or editor I didn't enjoy talking to. Relax! You'll be great!

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