Wonderful news today. Alleyne from Virginia Romance Writers called and graced me with the news I'd won in the paranormal category of the 2010 Fool for Love contest! I am floating...on cloud nine... I think I was actually crying before she hung up. All my people at RWA-West and Northwest, so many thank yous. If Kerry hadn't encouraged me to join, if Christie hadn't given me so much great advice and encouragement, if my crit partners (Diane, Stacy, Ann and Laurie) hadn't inspired spontaneous bleeding, if Hubby hadn't bought me a copy of Writer's Bootcamp...well, you get the picture. My daughter has made me thinner with so many hugs! Son thinks it's 'Awesome'.  

     I'll be making a few editor suggested changes then sending out queries next week. So now it's time to celebrate. Pizza for dinner-'cause I don't feel like cooking. What type of spiritous liqor goes with pizza? At bedtime-- ice cream! I feel a certain amount of validation that I've spent so much on making this a serious job.

So, with a second wind billowing my sails, I sit down at my computer again and write some more. Goddess, I love this job!

Bright Blessings-Raven


Congrats to you!!!


AWESOME!! Congrats to ya!!! :) Like your site too! Job WELL done!!!


Congrats......glad the dream is becoming a reality. Pics are great....now I wanna see Alaska!


Awesome! Congrats!

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