Been in my new apartment for 2 months now. You'd think I would have half the boxes unpacked. But Noooo. I've unpacked a total of 6 boxes--with the help of my daughter. And only because she made me while I pouted like a kid. All right, yes, I'm wallowing. But I think I'm entitled. After all, I'm getting a divorce. But then this guy I know said some beautiful words, sent me a dozen white roses, and was going to sweep me away for a lovely weekend--yeah, that's not happening because he's been dating someone else! <sigh> But I knew that. Lovely how cell phones display where they're posting from when it's 250 miles from where you were told. Divorced and dumped in the same week. I'm thinking of starting my next romance novel like this. No where to go but up.

What I'm trying to say is I have baggage, too. And not just my junk in the trunk so can the comments. And I'm working on that--right after I wallow in the large bowl of Cookies and Cream. So, how long does it take to unpack? Not only the boxes in my beautiful new apartment, but the emotional bags that weigh down my heart? It's like a bad romance. OMG, my life is a Lady Gaga song!

So--no where to go but up. I LOVE my new life. I LOVE the new me. I feel alive.

Ramblings of a Raven

12/22/2020 06:57:27 pm

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