Recently had DH take me on a weekend getaway. I thought we were going to SA to see his family. We ended up in Austin and he took me to watch the evening bat migration from Congress Street bridge. Then we spent the rest of the night (almost) in Coyote Ugly. The rest of the weekend he devoted to me and I had to make all the decisions. Ack! For a Libra this is almost a form of torture. Anyway, this makeup followed a blowup. Has your DH done nice things for you after an unsupportive 'comment' or two? And what did he do for you?
8/17/2010 09:50:12 am

aww he is such a good husband, i mean bad for the blow up but good that he made up.

8/17/2010 11:52:42 am

Hi Flor,
Yeah, I have to say he's a really good egg and he's mine.
Raven :-)

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