Made a live pitch to an agent at the NWHRWA conference and got a request for a partial. OMG, I've never been so nervous or excited. I even got a request from the first agent I pitched to, and I really messed it up. By the third pitch, I was only a little more coherent. But she requested too. Woohoo!

I went home and polished (one more time) before I sent them in. Now I'm just waiting to hear from them. This will probably take 2-3 months, but that's okay. I got a request! So, lots to be thankful for right now. I got a request! Even if it turns out she's not the right fit for me, I made it over another hurdle in the quest to get published. If I don't sign with an agent before Nationals, I can be thankful for the experience at pitching and extra time to do some more polishing.  And maybe work on the WIPs I've started on the sequels. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.