After being ecstatic by a win, I'm now devastated by dismal scores on the last contest I entered. Ok, yes, I know it's all subjective, but coming off a win with the same entry? One judge says my dialogue is stilted and not real, another says it's really strong. One judge questioned the definition of every word and couldn't spell worth a D***. (Whose vs. who's, loose vs. lose) Makes me question their level of dedication to literacy. Who to believe? These are the worst scores since the first contest I ever entered-and that entry needed serious help. I wasn't part of an awesome crit group back then and really wanted results as feedback. Anyway, since my DH isn't happy with my 'hobby', maybe I'll just give up on my dream. Not! I guess I just need some time to...become a better writer. Sorry for the bitter post, but this has left me feeling a bit out of sorts. And there are two other contests out there I'm waiting for results on. Ugh. Maybe he's right and I should put it away and go back to my 'career'. If I could only find a full time job...
Sad and Blue-Raven
Recently had DH take me on a weekend getaway. I thought we were going to SA to see his family. We ended up in Austin and he took me to watch the evening bat migration from Congress Street bridge. Then we spent the rest of the night (almost) in Coyote Ugly. The rest of the weekend he devoted to me and I had to make all the decisions. Ack! For a Libra this is almost a form of torture. Anyway, this makeup followed a blowup. Has your DH done nice things for you after an unsupportive 'comment' or two? And what did he do for you?
As an aspiring author, I endeavor to follow the practices of my prolific author friends. However, I'm finding out 'Apply butt to chair and write' is having unwanted consequences. My hips and rear get sore from sitting! Who'd have thought? Oh, and widening of said hips is aother complication. Cushions and pillows now adorn my favorite writing chair, but I'm open to anyone's home remedies. Drop me a line and tell me how you deal with this affliction.