Take it from a newbie author who's still soaring through the clouds, signing with a publisher is awesome. Someone willing to take a chance on your baby, the one you've sweat blood and tears over, is just... just an awesome feeling. Hard to describe. I have nervous butterflies and renewed focus. Thank you, Debby Gilbert, for liking my work enough to sign this author. Now back to writing.


Got a request!


Sooo stoked at the moment. After sending a partial, I just got an email requesting my full! Needless to say I probably won't get much sleep tonight. I'll be giving my manuscript another look, checking for typos, word choice, POV... Wow, so much to do. OMG, I think I forgot to sign my name on my email. Geez, can't think straight.


Post Title.


Writing the blog. I need to carve out time a couple times a week to write a blog. What's been happening? Got an outline approved for an article in my professional magazine--they want 9k-10k words. Still waiting to hear if my abstracts were approved so I can present in Boston later this year. And I'm sending out fiction queries. Of all of it, the fiction queries scare me the most. What scares you about the writing scene?