For Thanksgiving this year, my daughter and I went on a roadtrip to Cloudcroft! I spent a year near there as a child and the beauty of the place has always stayed with me. I had to share; not only with my daughter but with the world. My debut novel, Broken Prophecy, is set in this sleepy little town. A town with one main street and a 'hospital' that's no more than a clinic.

The town is in a tiny valley amidst Lincoln National Forest. The residents are warm and welcoming. We stayed at The Crofting Inn. A little B&B owned by yes, a real McCoy! Gail and Scott were the perfect hosts even welcoming my three cats who'd tagged along. The mornings were country kitchen heaven and the evenings filled with Scott's guitar playing.

Thanksgiving day we headed to The Lodge for a buffet dinner. Reservations were required, but no problem, Gail called for us and got us right in. We hiked off dinner by checking out the sights and following the trails. It took us 15 hours to get there, we took it slower on the way home. Breakfasted with the McCoys and their two other guests before doing a little shopping then heading home. An overnight stay in Ft. Stockton then the final leg home. I have to say it's one of the best Thanksgivings I've had. I wish my son and his girlfriend could have shared it with us.  

Yikes! I'm a day late. Anyway, this post is about the next big thing--your next book! And who doesn't like talking about what you're working on? So here's the Q&A I'm supposed to answer. At the end of the blog I'll post my 5 nominees who get to talk about their 'Next Big Thing.'

Here are the questions:

What is the working title of your next book?
Healing of a Heart. This is Brenna and Nicolai's story. Book 2 of the Heirs of Aeden>

Where did the idea come from for the book?
They are the next couple in this series of my novels.

What genre does your book fall under?
Paranormal romance! Gotta love magick.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie
Hmmm... For Nicolai I'd have to say Oded Fahr--the way he looked in The Mummy. (Rowr) And Brenna... maybe they'd let me play that part. Kinda patterned her after myself. 

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Is Brenna’s diluted Angel magick stronger than her Great-Grandmother’s pure-blood

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
I'm definitely hoping Soul Mate Publishing will pick up the follow up novel to Broken Prophecy.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
Still not done, but workinghard to finish it by the new year.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Can’t think of any particular books, but they kind of fall between a Butcher/Feehan combination. Lots of magick like the Harry Dresden series, but a whirlwind romance like the Dark Carpathian series.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?
This was actually supposed to be the first but it wasn’t coming together very well so I trashed it
and worked on 2 of my supporting characters first. Apparently, that worked a lot better.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
Lots of magick and we get to meet the nymph and dragon species.

For their Next Big Thing, you should follow these ladies! They're awesome authors. I know because I've read their books.

Janna Shay
Sarah Hoss
Ann Montclair
Jamie Brazil
Cheryl Yeko

Been in my new apartment for 2 months now. You'd think I would have half the boxes unpacked. But Noooo. I've unpacked a total of 6 boxes--with the help of my daughter. And only because she made me while I pouted like a kid. All right, yes, I'm wallowing. But I think I'm entitled. After all, I'm getting a divorce. But then this guy I know said some beautiful words, sent me a dozen white roses, and was going to sweep me away for a lovely weekend--yeah, that's not happening because he's been dating someone else! <sigh> But I knew that. Lovely how cell phones display where they're posting from when it's 250 miles from where you were told. Divorced and dumped in the same week. I'm thinking of starting my next romance novel like this. No where to go but up.

What I'm trying to say is I have baggage, too. And not just my junk in the trunk so can the comments. And I'm working on that--right after I wallow in the large bowl of Cookies and Cream. So, how long does it take to unpack? Not only the boxes in my beautiful new apartment, but the emotional bags that weigh down my heart? It's like a bad romance. OMG, my life is a Lady Gaga song!

So--no where to go but up. I LOVE my new life. I LOVE the new me. I feel alive.

Ramblings of a Raven

A year of major events! This sure leads to some emotional highs and lows. Getting your debut novel published and getting a divorce should not happen in the same year. Just FYI. But these things shape how we feel and think. There are days when I just want to crawl back under the covers and wallow. But the world keeps turning and family and friends offer support and encouragement and I find myself tentatively happy. I adopted a beautiful black cat I've named Salem (cliche for a witch, but eh) and I'm about to adopt another. She's a pure, beautiful white. I'll post pics of my fur babies in upcoming posts. I've been absent from the blogging headlines of late and will be posting on a more regular basis in the future.

So tell me, what's been going on in your lives? Do you have a story you want to share?

When I woke this morning, I remembered my dream. It's become the final climax in my second book. It was a dream that started my wild ride to publication and it's still working. I love the feeling when I wake, as I grab the notecards and pen beside my bed, that I can't write fast enough. I'm afraid I'll forget something. How many others out there work off their dreams? Are you a beautiful dreamer?




Take it from a newbie author who's still soaring through the clouds, signing with a publisher is awesome. Someone willing to take a chance on your baby, the one you've sweat blood and tears over, is just... just an awesome feeling. Hard to describe. I have nervous butterflies and renewed focus. Thank you, Debby Gilbert, for liking my work enough to sign this author. Now back to writing.


Got a request!


Sooo stoked at the moment. After sending a partial, I just got an email requesting my full! Needless to say I probably won't get much sleep tonight. I'll be giving my manuscript another look, checking for typos, word choice, POV... Wow, so much to do. OMG, I think I forgot to sign my name on my email. Geez, can't think straight.


Post Title.


Writing the blog. I need to carve out time a couple times a week to write a blog. What's been happening? Got an outline approved for an article in my professional magazine--they want 9k-10k words. Still waiting to hear if my abstracts were approved so I can present in Boston later this year. And I'm sending out fiction queries. Of all of it, the fiction queries scare me the most. What scares you about the writing scene?

Wow, been a while. Entered contests, won a few, got a full request from Samhain. Went to Nationals in NY! What a blast. Pitched to agents and editors-and got a full request. Needless to say, I'm stoked. Being a wannabe author is a rollercoaster ride. I am diligently checking my email (several times a day). Making sure I comment on blogs and FB chatter. Now I have my Twitter account up and running. It'll probably take several hours a day to check all these things (and play the gaming apps). The games help me think, I swear. Everyday!

So how do you unwind when your mind is full to choking and you can't get it unclogged?
Hello fellow writer peeps. Can't wait to see some of you at Nationals in NY this year. It'll be my first time in attendance and I'm kinda nervous. I have the PRO reatreat to look forward to as well as agent/editor pitches. So who else is going and what do you have planned? Drop me a line.